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Green Workers Cooperative is located in Hunts Point
1231 Lafayette Avenue, 2nd Floor
Bronx, New York 10474
Main Phone: (718) 617-7807

Who to contact for more information about programs and events?

Contact Ileia Burgos, Outreach Coordinator
phone: (718) 617-7807 ext. 704

Who to contact if you graduated from Co-op Academy and would like more support?

Contact Sanjana Khan, Co-op Developer
phone: (718) 617-7807 ext. 702



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    I do not like deception. I believe strongly in global warming, but it’s counter-productive to deceive. Omar Freilla says 30%, even 60% of school children have asthma, so I Google it and the stats say less than 10%. Be credible. Sheesh.
    commented on Contact Us 2017-06-11 02:33:00 -0400
    Hi, we are looking to create something like GWC in perth, Australia, would you be interested in sharing what you have learnt about how to start cooperatives, so that we can do the same?
    commented on Contact Us 2017-03-16 00:56:48 -0400

    My name is Asa shaw and I am a community organizer in Fort lauderdale, Florida. I live in a historically black neighborhood called Sistrunk down here in south florida, and like many other black neighborhoods, ours is impoverished. We live in a food desert and this contributes to our high rates of diabetes and heart disease.

    We need help. But just having food wont solve our problems, we also need economic development. So we decided that creating a coop grocery store and/or a coop entertainment venue would be the best routes for us to go to start spurring that activity in our neighborhood. We just need the knowledge and the connections to be able to get our ideas off the ground.

    we have been searching and emailing people and organizations all across the US to try and get some help because Coops are not really a thing in Florida. We are the south for one, and our history of resistance is not as strong as other places like Mississippi, Georgia, or Alabama. Partially because Florida is constantly looked over when it comes to it’s racist history, and partially because we have a very different environment for people of color in Florida. But I said all that to say that the cooperative movement has not touched our state like that yet and we need help to get it rolling here.

    So, the ask is, could you all point me in the right direction about how to go about starting our coop ideas, and/or connect us with some folks that could possibly help us get our ideas off the ground.

    Any help would be beautiful!

    Thanks so much family,

    Asa Shaw

    954 279 3548
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    Contact Us
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    Contact Us
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    Do you know a worker coop looking for large loft space in Redhook?