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B. Blossom Caterers


 Bio-Classic Cleaning



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B. Blossom is not just a catering business, it is a Bronx experience. Its owners are Bronx's residents who have a passion for fine food that is delicious, appetizing and nutritious. As they experience the blossoming of the Bronx, they also desire to offer a blossoming culinary experience to its many customers.   We offer eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning for home, office and community. We have over 10 years of experience and work in all boroughs of New York City. As worker-owners & mothers, we are committed to creating healthy living and work spaces for you and your loved ones.    HTINK (pronounced “tink”- the “h” is silent) is an educational services cooperative (based on the Mondragon model) focused on spreading technical learning and creative problem-solving skills to as many people as possible. We provide classes, workshops, and collaborative problem-solving challenges for adults and children that promote hands-on learning and making.  
Contact: Manuela Perez   Contact: Maria Arias   Phone: (718) 841-7327
Phone: (646) 851-6541   Phone: (347) 674-7312   Email: info@htink.org
Email: mperez@bblossom.com   Email: bioclassicclean@gmail.com   Website: www.htink.org
Website: www.bblossom.com   facebook: BioClassicCleaningServices   Twitter: @htinkevents
Address: 50 E. 168 St, Bronx, NY 10452   Address: 1231 Lafayette Avenue, 2nd Floor, Bronx, NY 10474   Adress: 115 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Doula/Birth Services


Food Doulas



Uptown Village


Ginger Moon



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A multicultural community of doulas and educators support in gentle birth, breastfeeding, and reproductive health justice in Upper Manhattan & the Bronx.    We create delicious meals using traditional fertility foods: ingredients that meet the specific nutritional needs of new and expecting moms.    Ometeotl is a domestic violence survivors cooperative, which makes jewelry and arts & crafts using up-cycled material.
Contact: Myla Flores   Contact: Janvieve Williams   Contact: Guadalupe Perez
Phone: (917) 795-1186   Phone: (212) 634-9096   Phone: (917) 291-2840
Email: mylovingdoula@gmail.com   Email: info@ginger-moon.com   Email: ometeotldv@gmail.com
Website: www.uptownvillagecoop.com   Website: http://www.ginger-moon.com   facebook: OmeteotlDomesticViolence
facebook: UptownVillageCoop   facebook: gingermoonfoods   Address: 1231 Lafayette Avenue, 2nd Floor, Bronx, NY 10474
    Address: 409 Morris Park Ave, Bronx, NY 10460    










 Bits and Bites


Student owned cooperative that creates uniforms, sweat shirts, hoodies, and t-shirts.

  The Caracol Interpreters Cooperative opens multilingual channels of communication to ignite language justice in our community.    Culturally-relevant technology training to groups and individuals who want to improve their tech skills at work, crowdfunding, or cloud environments.
Email: syllablecooperative@gmail.com   Contact: Telesh Lopez   Contact: Raybblin Vargas
facebook: SyllableCooperative   Phone: (347) 674-9487   Phone: (347) 573-6904
twitter: @SyllableCoop   Email: caracol.interpreters@gmail.com   Email: bitsbitescafe@gmail.com
    Facebook: CaracolInterpretersCoop   Facebook: BitsBitesTechCafe
    Address: 1231 Lafayette Avenue, 2nd Floor, Bronx, NY 10474   Twitter: @bitsbitescafe
        Address: 1231 Lafayette Avenue, 2nd Floor Bronx, NY 10474



Diaspora Destinations

    We are a travel planning worker co-op that creates cultural exchange experiences throughout the African diaspora.    
    Contact: Rafiah Vitalis    
    Phone: (718) 924-2422    
    Email: info@diasporadestinations.com    
    Website: www.diasporadestinations.com    
    Facebook: DiasporaDestinations    
    Address: 1231 Lafayette Avenue, 2nd Floor, Bronx, NY 10474    




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