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The Next Wave: 5 Co-ops Gearing Up For The Next Coop Academy

Five aspiring cooperatives are getting ready for this Fall’s Cothe mamas of Ginger Moon with their happy & healthy babies and supportive partnersop Academy. The five teams cover a wide range of fields, from Ginger Moon’s catering and food delivery service for new mothers to EcoRyders’ green-themed skate boards; POP’s blog for young feminist women of color; the Bronx Wellness Center’s preventative care and holistic health treatments; and a soap-making cooperative that makes…you guessed it, soap.

 the young women of POP Blog have lots to say and worlds to share

Their registrations are in. And in the past two weeks they’ve attended an orientation, a fundraising training, and their first coaching call. But they’re still not actually allowed to begin until they complete their first assignment: to successfully fundraise their team’s registration fee (about $1,500 per team) and collective childcare costs ($288 per team) . You can help them meet their goal with a donation to the team of your choice on IOBY.

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