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Ileia - Outreach Coordinator

    Ileia Burgos is ready to continue the efforts to have a solidarity economy within the Bronx, where residents control and create their own wealth in a network of cooperatives. Continue reading

Omar - Founder & Coordinator

  Omar Freilla has a knack for blazing trails and a passion for community self-determination; personal transformation; and creating solutions to social injustice. He is the founder of Green Worker Cooperatives and creator of the academy model of cooperative development. Continue reading

Rafiah - Administrator Coordinator

  Rafiah Vitalis is a “Bronxite” that has a long history of work in the nonprofit sector and is profoundly committed to the areas of community development, sustainable solutions and social initiatives. Continue reading

Raybblin - Communications Coordinator

  Raybblin Vargas has a strong background organizing in grassroots, nonprofits and labor.  As a grassroots organizer, she has worked on local and national social justice campaigns that include immigration, education, and criminal justice reform.   Continue reading

Sanjana - Co-op Developer/Teaching Assistant

  Sanjana joins Green Worker's Cooperative for the love and passion to turn The South Bronx more greener and economically just. Continue reading