Green Feen Cooperative

Composting Services


GreenFeen is an environmental consulting firm using Hip-Hop to teach sustainability as a lifestyle through green technology and compost education.

Through exclusive partnerships, zero waste events, and organics collection, GreenFeen uses the triple bottom line theory to teach a holistic lifestyle.

A sustainable culture meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

By connecting families and municipalities with green living, urban environments become more efficient.

But what about all that trash?

At GreenFeen we do not believe in trash so we've made exclusive partnerships with companies that find alternatives for most items designated for garbage.

Some of these items include decomposing food waste used for compost to increase soil fertility or recycling old textiles into new clothing.

Whatever it is we will do our best to find a new home for your refuse!

The GreenFeen way isn’t the fast-lane, it is the road to ensure that the future of recycling remains on the right track.

We help you envision the full circle of Farm to Table and then Table to Farm.


Contact Green Feen Cooperative

Contact: Dior St. Hillaire
Phone: (917) 727-4453
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @greeenfeeen
Twitter: @greenfeen7 
Instagram: @greenfeen
Address: PO Box 480 Bronx, NY 10460