Co-op Academy for People with Developmental Disabilities

Revolutionary Seeds Co-op during the Co-op Academy                    © Raybblin Vargas 


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Thank you for stopping by to learn more about this partnership between Green Worker Cooperatives, Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities, and Synergies Work.

Info Session 1

Wednesday, March 11th


Recruitment period: month of March 

Application deadline:
Monday, March 23rd 

Team Interview dates: 16th-27th
Acceptance Letters sent: April 1st

Start date: May
End Date: June

Days & Times of course sessions: 
Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:00-5:00pm/EST

Info Session 2

Thursday, March 19th


We are launching our first virtual Co-op Academy serving individuals throughout Georgia.

The course will guide entrepreneurs through questions like:

  • How do we make decisions as a cooperative?
  • Is there a market for the business that we are thinking about? Who are our customers and how will we reach them?
  • Is it feasible to launch this product now? 
  • In what ways does our business take its environmental impact into account?
  • Finally, what customer value do we offer? 

The course will support 10 people with developmental disabilities to develop their own cooperative businesses over five months using online classroom content and tools, and post-Academy support for the graduates. The course gets you to think though your concept completely before spending a dollar. 

The requirements are:

  1. You must have at least two people on a team (and as many people as you want),
  2. At least one member must have a developmental disability, and all members must live in Georgia,
  3. Each member that applies must be able to commit to the duration of the course, 
  4. Each member must complete the application form,
  5. You must have a single business concept in mind for you and your team when you apply.


The program covers the fundamentals for starting a business that's owned and controlled by the workers.

This is an online pilot program for individuals with developmental disabilities in the state of Georgia. Offered in English only.

Questions? Call our outreach coordinator at Green Worker • (718) 617-7807 ext 704 • [email protected]





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The mission of GCDD is to advance social change, public policy, and innovative practices that increase opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to thrive where they live, learn, work, play, and worship in Georgia’s communities.



Synergies Work is an independent non-profit organization committed to expanding business opportunities for people with disabilities. We believe that that every individual has inherent talents and a passion to succeed. We help bridge the gap between people with disabilities & the abundant untapped opportunities all around us.