The Big Bronx Sancochazo! * El Gran Sancochazo del Bronx!

The Big Bronx Sancochazo! El Gran Sancochazo del Bronx!



Come out on Saturday, September 24th, to enjoy the biggest largest sancocho in NYC!!!

We’ll have interactive games and activities for all ages.

The Sancochazo is organized by Green Worker Cooperatives, and our goal is to provide an opportunity for the community to come together, learn and get involved in the cooperative movement in NYC. 

The story of Stone Soup, which most of us read as children, captures the essence of the impact of community effort, that by working together, with everyone contributing what they can, a greater good can be achieved. Similar to that story, the Stone Soup Event will challenge community partners –cooperatives, social justice organizations, restaurants, and the community‐ to come together and get energized.

 So join us, bring an ingredient for the soup, share a skill with the community but more than anything, have fun!!! Bring a team of your friends, family, neighbors to play together!! You will want to take advantage of the beautiful day and have sancocho or other delights on the grass under a tree.


The Co-op Olympics is a playful way to experience a culture of cooperation and celebrate teamwork in a way that is exciting and fun. The Co-op Olympics will be a series of cooperative games that will allow teams to showcase their mastery of the skills needed to build and sustain supportive relationships in all aspects of life.



We’ll have stations for existing cooperatives throughout the park! Come meet + greet Bronxites and cooperators from across the city who have started their own business as worker-owners. They will have products for sale and offers on the services they provide.



Come learn the steps you will need to start a business owned and controlled by you and others! This is for all who may be interested in starting a small business and any folks who are in the early stages of business formation. 


Live Bollywood Dancers

Spoken Word

Live DJ on the ones + twos 

Kid's Area

Wellness activities + workshops

Hoola Hoop making kits!

Co-op Camp!

 ...and more to be announced :)



September 24, 2016 at 12:00pm - 6pm
Brook Park
Ileia Burgos · · (718) 617-7807 ext. 704
Abe Gruswitz Tamara Shapiro Jasmine Vasandani Charlie Samboy Dalena Hoang Alan/Ometeotl Rinaldo Jacqueline Comrie Garrido Ines Mangual Cabassa Carmen Santiago Argelis Wesley Charles Duke Erik Forman Pablo Benson Raquel Batista E Gordon Berroa Levi Gikandi Angy Abreu Sanjana Khan Saiya Sheth Génesis Aquino Alejandra Delfin Bienvenida Altagracia Cabrera Wahid Shabazz Maximino Rivera Carmen Huertas-Noble Oscar Capel Dan Sherrell Sala Cyril Rebecca Lurie Jennifer Ruth Lucia de la Cruz Angelica Otero Jennifer Scarlott Thomas Assefa Michael Brady Elvin García Kristina Maria Lopez Kazembe Balagun Joe Rinehart Claudia Sofía Garriga-López Omar Freilla Claude Copeland Ysanet Batista Kate Sergel Buncher Somaliah Williams Kimi Wei Stacey Toro Saudii Garcia

Who's RSVPing

Sabrina De Martini
Elisabeth Munoz
Lynn Roberts
Michael Strom
Do Sorvete
Maria Arias
Capo Reyes
Evan Casper-Futterman
Manzayila Bimwala
Patricia Jackson
Brian Krisis
Mariella Bibi Hekeleti Rivera
Jeff Deasy
Anthony Jordan
Fo Bp
Brandie Milligan
Patricia Adams
Brandy Heyward
Abe Gruswitz
Tamara Shapiro
Jasmine Vasandani
Charlie Samboy
Dalena Hoang
Alan/Ometeotl Rinaldo
Jacqueline Comrie Garrido
Ines Mangual Cabassa
Carmen Santiago
Argelis Wesley
Charles Duke
Erik Forman

Will you come?

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  • Mariella Bibi Hekeleti Rivera
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  • Jeff Deasy
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  • Fo Bp
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  • Patricia Adams
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  • Brandy Heyward
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