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Cooperative Tweets




The Community Development Committee: Public Hearing 

The Community Development Committee will hold a public hearing on Intro 423, the bill Rosenthal introduced to issue a study of how much City procurement money goes to worker cooperatives, and then to make recommendations for a future program to designate procurement requirements for worker coops.

See this link for the meeting details and the bill text

The hearing is Tuesday October 21st @ 1:00PM at City Hall in the Committee Room.


 Please respond to mpaone@fpwa.org for more information.



Coop Academy Update: October 21st

During the bi-weekly saturday sessions, Co-op Academy participating teams, Bio Classic Cleaning Cooperative, Diaspora Destinations and Latino Arts Movement were introducted to consensus building process and cooperative structures.

The day was facilitated by Co-op Academy Graduates and current worker owners of Ginger Moon and Caracol Interpreters. 

While the adults where building their cooperatives, their children, led by our amazing childcare provider Amali Sierra, where at the New York Botanical Garden learning about cooperative musical instruments, pumpkin harvest and decoration, and arts and crafts.  



October is Co-op Month! 

Some Coop Historical Tid bits:

  • Minnesota was the first state to declare an official Co-op Month proclamation in 1948.
  • Co-op Month has been a nationally recognized celebration since 1964, when U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman, proclaimed October Co-op Month.
  • The U.S. Government sponsored Co-op Month from 1964-70.

Some Coop Facts

  • They are owned and democratically controlled by their members—the people who use the co-op’s services or buy its goods—not by outside investors.
  • They return surplus revenues to members proportionate to their use of the cooperative, not proportionate to their “investment” or ownership share.
  • They are motivated not by profit, but by service—to meet their members’ needs for affordable and high quality goods or services.
  • They exist solely to meet the serve their members.
  • They pay taxes on income kept within the co-op for investment and reserves. Surplus revenues from the co-op are returned to individual members who pay taxes on that income. 

Job Announcement: Worker Co-op Developer

The Worker Co-op Developer is responsible for the development of a menu of service options for graduates of our Coop Academy, a 6-month cooperative business boot camp, in order to provide them with ongoing support that will grow their cooperatives and help them reach their goals. The Worker Co-op Developer would be an innovative and out of the box thinker capable of conducting thorough assessments of business operations and governance structures; helping co-ops troubleshoot problems as they arise; connecting co-ops with new opportunities; and holding them accountable to their promises. Additional goals for this position are to develop and strengthen the inter co-op relationships among cooperatives within the GWC network as well the relationship between GWC and its member cooperatives.

Download full job description


Coop Academy Spring 2015 Registration Open

Coop Academy is an intensive 5-month long training and support program that helps teams of aspiring entrepreneurs develop worker-owned green businesses. It is unique in its focus on businesses that are both green and worker-owned. And utilizes an aggressive combination of training, coaching, and technical services. Think of it as a business boot camp for cooperative start-ups The program includes classroom trainings; business coaches; and business support services such as legal incorporation, graphic design, and website development. The course is specifically designed so that each team is able to get their business up and running by the completion of the course.
So what to do: 
1. Take the plunge and register for Coop Academy
This will ensure that you receive the continued mentoring and support to guarantee that your great idea or business, flourishes into success.
2. Like the Green Worker Cooperatives Facebook Page, you will automatically have access to news, information and resources about worker owned cooperatives in NYC and nationally. 
3. Schedule time and book us, we will more than willing to come talk to you and your current or possible business partners about the future of your business and about starting a worker owned cooperative. Just give us a call, 718-617-7807 ext. 700