Our Co-ops

List of Cooperatives by Industry

Green Worker Cooperatives is proud to have helped incubate cooperatives in a wide range of industries: arts, catering, cleaning, fashion, education, technology training/consulting, travel, and interpretation services.

Cooperative Businesses are democratically governed entities that help build economic sustainability, especially in under-served communities that lack access to quality products and services. 

 Catering Services 


B. Blossom is not just a catering business, it is a Bronx experience. Its owners are Bronx's residents who have a passion for fine food that is delicious, appetizing and nutritious. As they experience the blossoming of the Bronx, they also desire to offer a blossoming culinary experience to its many customers.

Contact: Manuela Perez
Phone: (646) 851-6541
Email: mperez@bblossom.com
Website: www.bblossom.com
Address: 50 E. 168 St, Bronx, NY 10452

Cleaning Services


We offer eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning for home, office and community. We have over 10 years of experience and work in all boroughs of New York City. As worker-owners & mothers, we are committed to creating healthy living and work spaces for you and your loved ones.

Contact: Maria Arias
Phone: (347) 674-7312
Email: bioclassicclean@gmail.com
facebook: BioClassicCleaningServices
Address: 1231 Lafayette Avenue, 2nd Floor, Bronx, NY 10474

Education Services


HTINK (pronounced “tink”- the “h” is silent) is an educational services cooperative (based on the Mondragon model) focused on spreading technical learning and creative problem-solving skills to as many people as possible. We provide classes, workshops, and collaborative problem-solving challenges for adults and children that promote hands-on learning and making.

Phone: (718) 841-73270
Email: info@htink.org
Website: www.htink.org
Twitter: @htinkevents
Adress: 115 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Doula/Birth and Family Services


A multicultural community of doulas and educators support in gentle birth, breastfeeding, and reproductive health justice in Upper Manhattan & the Bronx.

Contact: Myla Flores
Phone: (917) 795-1186
Email: mylovingdoula@gmail.com
Website: www.uptownvillagecoop.com
facebook: UptownVillageCoop

 Doula/Birth and Family Services


We create delicious meals using traditional fertility foods: ingredients that meet the specific nutritional needs of new and expecting moms.

Contact: Janvieve Williams
Phone: (212) 634-9096
Email: info@ginger-moon.com
Website: http://www.ginger-moon.com
facebook: gingermoonfoods


Ometeotl Logo

Ometeotl: Domestic Violence Survivors Cooperative

Ometeotl is a domestic violence survivors cooperative, which makes jewelry and arts & crafts using up-cycled material.

Contact: Guadalupe Perez
Phone: (917) 291-2840
Email: ometeotldv@gmail.com
Facebook: OmeteotlDomesticViolence
Address: 1231 Lafayette Avenue, 2nd Floor, Bronx, NY 10474



Syllable cooperative Is a student-run co-op. It started out as an idea at a school. Which then became a club in the Bronx Compass High School. We soon then became a business. We had worked in the Bronx Compass Highschool for two years. and now we have moved to a new location! We now working in the point! Located in 940 Garrison Ave. We hope you consider ordering from us!

Email: syllablecooperative@gmail.com
facebook: SyllableCooperative
twitter: @SyllableCoop
instagram: syllable_designs
Address: 940 Garrison Avenue, Bronx, NY 10474

Interpretation Services 


The Caracol Interpreters Cooperative opens multilingual channels of communication to ignite language justice in our community.

Contact: Telesh Lopez
Phone: (347) 674-9487
Email: caracol.interpreters@gmail.com
facebook: CaracolInterpretersCoop
Address: 1231 Lafayette Avenue, 2nd Floor, Bronx, NY 10474

Technology Training and Consulting Services 

Bits and Bites Tech Cooperative

Culturally-relevant technology training to groups and individuals who want to improve their tech skills at work, crowdfunding, or cloud environments.  Also, support services for crowdfund campaigns in all the available platforms.

Contact: Raybblin Vargas
Phone: (347) 573-6904
Email: bitsbitescafe@gmail.com
facebook: BitsBitesTechCafe
twitter: @bitsbitescafe
Address: 1231 Lafayette Avenue, 2nd Floor, Bronx, NY 10474

Travel and Tour Services

Diaspora Destinations

We are a travel planning worker co-op that creates cultural exchange experiences throughout the African diaspora.

Contact: Rafiah Vitalis
Phone: (718) 924-2422
Email: info@diasporadestinations.com
Webstie: www.diasporadestinations.com
facebook: DiasporaDestinations
Address: 1231 Lafayette Avenue, 2nd Floor, Bronx, NY 10474