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  • Start Up Mini Fest


    Our Start Up Together: Mini Fest is where we guide entrepreneurs like you closer to starting your cooperative business.

    Bring anyone you are thinking of partnering with. Learn a new tool to assess your market and product or services. And get a chance to hear and give feedback to your peers about proposed business ideas. 

    For all those who want to start a formal business with others, this is your window of opportunity.

    Check out what we've got planned:

    • Network and build relationships with other entrepreneurs starting up businesses.

    • Learn to use a tool to understand how viable your business idea could be.

    • Present your concept to the group - get feedback. We encourage entrepreneurs to have an idea already in mind.

    • Hear more on how we can set you up to turn your concept into a green business through our Co-op Academy.

    • Participants are encouraged to bring others that are interested in being part of a worker-owned company, or someone you work with already. You should come with at least one other person but it is not required.

    This public event is free of charge - but you must RSVP below.