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Coming-Soon_Stamp.pngStay tuned for upcoming events in 2017

  • Monthly info-session
  • Annual Federation of Worker Cooperative Conference
  • Co-op Assemblies
  • Start-up Mini Fest
  • Advocacy Day

For more information about upcoming events contact Ileia Burgos,

  • Starting A Business Together


    If you're interested in starting a small business, or if you're already in early stages of business formation, check out this breakdown of worker owned businesses...

    Learn How To:

    - Create your own job

    - Hire yourself and neighbors or family

    - Own and manage a business with others 

    - Create job security 


    Come to this info session, hosted by Green Worker Cooperatives, to learn the steps you will need to start a business owned and controlled by you and others.

    Bring a friend or potential partner and learn how you can participate in our Fall 2017 Co-op Academy to jump-start a worker-owned business.